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Installation details are found on the documentation page.

Known issues

We collect all known issues here. Be sure to check this page if you have a problem.

  • The convert_meta_tags filter is not working

    The convert_meta_tags filter is not working. Due to differences in Apache and IIS, this would require too much work to get it to work for the benefits that it would offer. Unless we receive a lot of requests to change this, we are not planning to support it.

  • Uninstalling IIS WebSpeed does not remove the filter

    Uninstalling the filter does not remove the filter from the sites. This results in IIS displaying a managed module configuration error. Solution: Before uninstalling disable the filter on the site via IIS manager / Select site / Modules / Remove module.

  • Uninstalling IIS WebSpeed gives a warning about IIS workers

    Uninstalling the filter can give the warning that an IIS worker needs to be closed. It is safe to press ignore. This will uninstall the filter and reset IIS.